(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Act of paying
1. payment, defrayment; discharge, remission; acquittance, quittance; settlement, clearance, liquidation, satisfaction, reckoning, arrangement, restitution, repayment, reimbursement; down payment, part payment, deposit; retribution; refund. Informal, a pound of flesh, an arm and a leg. See purchase, price.
2. compensation, recompense, remuneration, bounty, reward, indemnity; expenditure, outlay; dividend; scholarship, fellowship, bursary; alimony, [child] support; welfare, relief, public assistance; starvation wages. Slang, palimony.
3. salary, stipend, wages, pay, paycheck, remuneration, emolument, allowance; minimum wage; bonus, premium, fee, retainer, honorarium, tip, baksheesh, scot, corkage, tribute, hire; bribe, blackmail, hush money; payday. Slang, kickback, giveback, rake-off, oil, backhander, dash, fix; the day the eagle screams or shits.
4. (means of payment) check, blank check, counter check, [bank] draft, money order; cash (see money).
5. salaried worker, employee; dink, oink, sink.
1. pay, defray, make payment; pay down, pay in advance; redeem; pay in kind; discharge, settle, quit, acquit oneself of; account, reckon, settle, be even or quits with; strike a balance; settle or square accounts with; wipe off old scores; satisfy; pay off, get even, pay in full; clear, liquidate; pay or put up.
2. pay one's way, pay the piper, pay the costs, pick up the check, do the needful; finance, set up; pay as one goes; ante up; expend; lay down; bribe (see purchase). Informal, foot the bill, chip in, lay out, plunk down, lay or put on the line; go Dutch; come across; see the color of one's money. Slang, kick or fork over, out, or up, tickle, oil, or grease the palm, dig down, cough up, kick in, shell out, rob Peter to pay Paul.
3. disgorge, make repayment, remit; expend, disburse; repay, refund, reimburse, retribute; reward, make compensation; spend money like water. Slang, pay through the nose, pay cash on the barrel-head or on the line; shoot one's wad; pay cold cash.
Adjectives — paying; paid, owing nothing, out of debt, quits, square.
Adverbs — to the tune of; on the nail; money down; in return.
Phrases — every man has his price; he who pays the piper calls the tune; they that dance must pay the fiddler; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys; pay beforehand was never well served.
Quotations — He is well paid that is well satisfied (Shakespeare).
Antonyms, see nonpayment, receiving.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of paying or being paid]
Syn. recompense, reimbursement, restitution, subsidy, return, redress, refund, remittance, reparation, disbursement, down, amends, cash, salary, wage, fee, sum, pay-off, repayment, indemnification, requital, defrayment, retaliation; see also pay 1 .
2. [An installment]
Syn. portion part, amount; see adjustment 2 , debt 1 , installment , mortgage .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
remittance, installment, fee, expenditure, payout, outlay, remuneration, settlement, defrayal, recompense, sum, restitution.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun Something given in exchange for goods or services rendered: compensation, consideration, recompense, remuneration. See PAY.

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